Ever Heard of Asokoro Island?


Have you ever heard of Asokoro Island? Well Most People Have not. All we know is what is on their website.

She is nestled underneath the monolithic Aso Rock and surrounded by the shores of the Pendam Lake in Abuja.

She satiates the appetite for quality living, discretion and your desire for ultimate luxury for play and work, while preserving a unique eco-diversity that is a must see.

The Founder, Suleiman Yahyah,  was once the Chairman of Ashaka Cement as well as Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) and seems like a very nice chap having spent 10 whole years on the board of the company and recently resigned to face other interests, presumably to focus on his project.



Below are the words of Julian Zapata, the Lead Architect and Project Manager.

From the original vision, we seek to position Asokoro Island as a unique integrated development that will feature its eco-friendly credentials ideal for private, business, diplomatic residence and for work, play and leisure.

She offers special facilities that will cater adequately to potential residents, elite neighbouring community as well as local and international visitors.

The concept design for Asokoro Island will guarantee best results for coordination, management and execution, thanks to her location and a team of local and international experts who have created a new and different concept for Nigeria.

Asokoro Island is a new way of living in the present while looking at the future.



A world-class lifestyle destination, Asokoro Island is located among undulating hills in Abuja’s most exclusive district. Combining panoramic views of the area’s lush and biodiverse landscape, with unparalleled residential and recreational facilities, it offers residents and visitors alike a unique perspective on Nigerian living.

For those interested in buying property on the Island please find the link to the brochure below and their Corporate Office is No 7 Jose Marti crescent, here in “Old Asokoro”

Asokoro-Island Brochure


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