Buy and Sell Bitcoin easy with PAXFUL

Paxful were in Nigeria for a bitcoin Conference in November, the Blockchain and Cryptotalk at Pelican Hotel and Resort Lekki, Lagos to be precise

“Bitcoin is a way of sending money like sending an email. To use bitcoin, you need a wallet. You can use your bitcoin to buy things online from many websites that accepts bitcoin. The good thing is that you can sell your bitcoin to make profit. Also, if you have bitcoin in your Paxful wallet, you can withdraw in naira”

Buy Bitcoin Instantly

How to Start

Well the first thing to do is to head over to Paxful and register. registration is free and simple. you will also have to verify your email and mobile phone number.

Once you are registered you can start trading bitcoin instantly. i would recommend “General BTC” if you are trading in Naira and “BTC Hero” for European deals.

you cannot go wrong with the above mentioned traders but feel free to search for better deals.

i for one have cut off the Fixed Swift charge of $35 when transferring money internationally.All i have to do now is buy bitcoin in Naira and sell the bitcoin in the foreign currency.

There will be some charges yes but nothing compared to the bank charges for transferring.

Paxful Have an Escrow system so your bitcoin is safe till both parties are satisfied and disputes settled by moderators


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